Big Bang Data Exhibiton

Going to the Big Bang Data exhibition was incredibly helpful in our research process, it inspired us as the artwork around made use of various technologies and visuals that were similar to what we were interested in creating.

‘Selfie city’ by Lev Manovich and Moritz Stefaner was part of the exhibition looked at combining selfies into a series of photos where the eyes were aligned, and so it faded from one to another appearing like it was merging into a new face. Which really aimed at what we wanted to research with selfies. It showed many different images and faces, but they all merged into one another showing how similar they are. This is interesting to look at, as people take selfies and might consider them unique or different. But is any selfie really individual or unique?


We had a few ideas involving selfies, such as creating an interactive map of selfies, similar to what Nasa had done for Global Day 2014, but making it interactive, so people could click on images or they would change and refresh after a while.

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From the exhibition, we considered other ideas and decided to move away from looking at selfies. We wanted to create something using live data, and displaying it in an interactive way – so that it was participatory. We wanted to do something with live photos and tweets, but we needed to research further into theory behind our idea.

A few of the artworks in the exhibition really stood out to me, and influenced the idea we had such as:

data.tron [WUXGA version] by Ryoji Ikeda, (2007) 

Courtesy of the artist. “Ryoji Ikeda tackles the infinite scale of the world’s data in this immersive installation. He invites you to experience the universe of data that exists in the infinite space between 0 and 1. Every point in this vast sea of pixels has been strictly calculated by mathematical formulas and data sets.”

The fast pace in this piece was very interesting, and i would like to incorporate that into our project, to show the amount of selfies and the visualisation of how much data there is.

Various other works were at the big bang data. The use of live maps would also be something I would be interested in experimenting with and linking it with selfies.

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