Second Tutorial

After briefly researching after the big bang data exhibition. We decided on a new idea, still involving live data and selfies. We intended to create our own hashtag and see if we could get people to use it, so we could retrieve photos from that hashtag. We also wanted to look at locations and see how many of the tagged locations were actually selfies, and how similar they were. Looking into the individuality of selfies, and what do people think makes a selfie unique.

We wanted to create an interactive experience where people could take a selfie outside the room, and it would appear on a map or on the wall somewhere hidden in hundreds of selfies displayed on the wall. We considered looking into a theme to display the selfies, and we looked at creating a timeline of events – such as life milestones, and telling a story through selfies. Some of the ideas did not seem convergent enough.

We needed to research for our statement of intent due in the next week and have an idea.

For our statement of intent we researched Erik Kessels. Rather than live data, he found existing photos from social media websites and public online websites. He displayed the photos by printing them out and displaying them in a room. He did a similar thing for two projects. ‘My Feet’ was a project that consisted of printing out pictures of feet that people had taken, and displaying them on all walls. This showed the overload of technology and the amount of images that are pretty much the same.


“‘My Feet’ is made up of 2500 images of people’s feet, installed as life-sized prints across the floor and walls of Spinnerei archiv massiv in Lepzig. Kessels told CR that he “found the images on the internet, on various sites,” translating ‘my feet’ into various languages and using the term to search across the web. He also image searched the phrase ‘I’m bored’ which threw up a similar range of feet selfie results.”

He also did a similar project called 24 hours in photos. This project included printing photos from one day of uploads on flickr. The images were then piled up in a room demonstrating the amount of content displayed on just one social media site in one day.


These projects inspired us to create something along the lines of looking at the amount of data there is, but applying this to selfies. It is a starting point for our idea and statement of intent.

Wilson, A. (2014). My Feet: A mass selfie from Erik Kessels. 10 June 2014. Creative Review. [Online] Available from: [Accessed 3 Feb 2016]

Kessels, E. 24 hrs in Photos. [Online] Available from: [Accessed 3 Feb 2016]



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