Sherry Turkle

After producing the statement of intent, we felt our theory was not strong enough. Therefore, we reconsidered our original idea. Rather than focusing on selfies, we wanted to look at technology as a whole. We wanted to explore the way of connecting and how technology affects our relationships with others.

Sherry Turkle studies the impact of technology on our lives. Within her two books ‘Reclaiming Conversation’ (2015) and ‘Alone Together’ (2013) she comments on our relationship with technology and with others. She discusses how we are becoming alone as we move away from real-life conversations to communicate through social media. In our project, we wanted to bring back real life connections, but still being surrounded by the overload of technology. Her ideas about reclaiming conversation are what inspired our project. As she says “Reclaiming conversation is a step toward reclaiming our most fundamental human values.”. We want to encourage people to connect.


“We expect more from technology and less from each other.”  – Turkle, 2013


Turkle, S. (2013). Alone Together. New York: Basic Books.

Turkle, S. (2015). Reclaiming conversation. New York: Penguin Press.





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