Changes to Idea

After researching how to use sound sensors within arduino. I could only find instructions of how to turn a light on and off using sound rather than the display of a screen. With sound sensors, although the sensitivity could be altered, we didn’t know how sensitive it would be. Footsteps could have been picked up, or sounds such as coughing in the room would have made the data cut off. We then decided instead of using sound we would use connections through either the arduino or the makey-makey.

The makey-makey would activate when a connection between two points were made using electrical currents. So if two people were each touching one point it wouldn’t cut off until they connected with each other. This was the idea we wanted to display. That we can still connect with people around technology, and the human connection can be stronger than a technology connection. This linked to Sherry Turkle’s alone together theory.

The idea then developed further from this, and we decided that instead of instantly cutting off the data. We could use the arduino to create a capacitive sensor, so when more and more people connected the data could slow down/ speed up. We could speed it up to suggest the amount of data gathered from everyone. Or it could be suggesting that data is slower and not as frequent when people are all together. It would be extremely fast at first until a connection was made and it would slow down until it shut off completely.

We would use conductive paint/copper foil as the conductor for people to place their hand on. It would be in the shape of a handprint in order to invite them to put their hand down.

We needed to create the code and the arduino before setting up, to test how we could get people to hold hands as this was the only issue we had at the moment. As we had our final idea we could begin creating the code.


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