Final Idea

Our idea is to have a display of images and tweets projected onto the wall, at a high speed. Searching for a specific tag or hashtag -which we have yet to decide on.

The images and tweets will be at a high speed until someone places their hand on a handprint, once the connection is made the data will gradually slow down, and as more people connect to them, the data will slow down as the currents pass the points set by the arduino.

Once it gets to a specific amount of people, or another point, the data will stop completely.

The idea behind this is related to Sherry Turkle’s theory of being alone together, with links to her work on reclaiming conversation. Introducing how people can connect in the real world, with technology still around them. As the data slows down and shuts off completely, it gives people chance to connect with each other.

Our project is convergent because of the participatory culture of using people’s images and tweets from instagram/twitter. As they already exist we are using them in and presenting them in a new way. Additionally, we are allowing people in the room to participate by placing their hand on the handprint to change the speed of the data, and the more and more people connected will change the speed, until it reaches the final point and comes to a stop where the tweets can be readable.


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