Projection and Room Test

Our original idea was to use 4 projectors, each projecting a different visualisation from different APIs (twitter, Instagram, flickr, etc). However, when creating the code for twitter and Instagram, we decided to only use two projectors. We were going to display these on opposite walls and have the capacitive sensor to change the speed of one of them, and a makey-makey set up on the other sketch to change the keywords.

We decided against this, and after testing out the projectors in the room we decided on only using 1 projector and combining the twitter and Instagram code into one sketch to be displayed on the wall with the handprints in line with the projector that way people did not stand in front of the projector.

We were originally using the makey-makey and we needed two handprints, however, as we have decided on using arduino instead for the capacitive sensor we are now only using one handprint for people to alter the speed of the tweets/images being shown.

Additionally, we were to use copper foil for the handprint, but instead Rebekah created a mould of a handprintWe then painted the hand with conductive paint, so it would be easier for people to see on the block that we used. Hopefully it would encourage people to put their hand on it.





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