Testing the Arduino

We set up the arduino by following the instructions on the arduino website. At first it was not working properly as we needed a bigger resistor.

To test it out, we used some copper tape in place of where the copper foil would be to see how it worked. We also needed to change the map part of the processing code to get it how we wanted. This was done by using arduino and clicking serial monitor which produced a list of numbers that were the electrical current readings that were being picked up, the number increased with the more people who connected. This was used for the delay function in processing.

We uploaded the code to the arduino and ran it through processing, and it worked. It changed the speed as we touched the copper tape and the data slowed down. However, when more than one person connected it had no additional effect. This is an issue that will need to be resolved in the final tutorial.

(video test of arduino)

The last things we need to do are:

  • Test the Arduino with the copper foil handprint.
  • Try and remove the grey borders in processing, and see if it is possible to change the size of the images.
  • Change the code to make the arduino use timer instead of delay.
  • Fix the issue so multiple people can change the speed instead of one connection.

Then it will be ready to test, to see if people connect or if they need prompting to do so.


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